System Requirements

  • Any computer running a recent operation system (Microsoft Windows or MacOS) and Java 17 should work.
  • For Mac computer ensure to download the correct version – “Intel Chip” for the older computers with Intel processors; “Apple Chip” for the newer M1 and higher processors.
  • 64 bit computer and operation system. Older still running 32 bit operation systems are no longer supported.

Please note!

The latest version of GRITS Toolbox requires 8GB or more on memory.



  • Java JRE 17 or Java JDK 17 needs to be installed on your computer. You can download them from here. Choose the right download for your operation system and run the installation.

Please note!

If you download the GRITS Toolbox version with bundled JRE you do not need to install Java. The program will come with a working Java version.


GRITS Toolbox download

  • You can download our software from the download section. Please provide your name and email and the downloads links will be send to you. Please note: We will not share your information with other parties.
  • After receiving the download link via email choose the right download for your operation system.
  • After downloading the software archive as ZIP file please decompress the archive. Feel free to copy the “GRITS-Toolbox-1…” folder to any convenient place. Please ensure that there are no whitespaces in the folder names.
  • You are set and ready to go.


Starting GRITS Toolbox

  • Starting GRITS will depend on your operation system
    • Windows: open the “GRITS-Toolbox-1…” folder and double click GRITS.exe
    • Linux: open the “GRITS-Toolbox-1…” folder and double click GRITS
    • MAC: open the “GRITS-Toolbox-1…/MacOS” folder and double click GRITS
  • After this the GRITS Toolbox start screen will appear and you are requested to selected a workspace folder.
    • If you are starting GRITS the first time please create a new empty folder and select this folder as workspace. This is the place GRITS will store all the information and data you provide. After confirming the folder the program will open and provide you with a set of on-screen instructions to help you get started.
    • If you have used GRITS before or downloaded our Demo workspace you can select this folder or your old workspace folder.


Please note!

If you face any problems installing or running GRITS Toolbox or if you have any suggestions for improving the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.