Metadata archive


Project management

GRITS Toolbox allows storing project information together with the experimental data:

  • General project description
  • Collaboration partner (name, institute, contact)
  • Task list (task to be performed, responsible person, due date)
  • Event log (date, milestone)
  • List of user defined keyword that can help finding the project later

This feature is optional and filling the project information is not required for processing data.


Sample description

Information about the sample can be stored in GRITS Toolbox together with the data produced from the sample:

  • General sample description
  • Description of the biological or synthetic origin (e.g. species, tissue, disease)
  • Sample tracking (e.g. who sent the sample, where is it stored right now)
  • Amount information (e.g. how much sample did we receive, how much sample is left over)
  • Q/C information (e.g. which methods have been performed for sample Q/C)

This feature is optional and filling the sample description is not required for processing data.


Experiment description

Meta data describing the experimental steps (protocols) that have been applied to the sample can be captured with GRITS Toolsbox in the experiment designer. This will allow for a better understanding and reproducability of the experiment. The experiment is described as a series of protocols applied to the sample. For each protocol as set of information can be provided:

  • Name of the protocol
  • Description, References to webpages and papers describing the protocol
  • Parameters that highlight the exact configuration of the protocol as part of this experiment

The experiment description can be extorted as WORD or PDF report.


Document and email archive

Any file can be archived together with the metadata and data as part of a project or as part of a sample. Examples for files that can be attached are: reports, papers, other experimental data, images etc. For each file additional searchable information can be provided:

  • type of the file
  • a general description of the file content
  • a list of keyword

In addition the document archive also allows to archive emails as part of the project. GRITS Toolbox does not directly connect with an email account but allows to copy-paste the email content into the application.