Release notes

GRITS Toolbox 1.3.0

New Features

  • A new plugin “GlycanBuilder” for drawing glycans, supporting the new SNFG format
    • GlycanBuilder supports several additional features such as importing structures from many formats such as WURCS, Glycoworkbench, GlycoCT and exporting drawn structures into these formats.
    • It also allows importing from built-in GRITS databases and creating/updating these database from drawn structures.
  • About dialog – displays the GRITS publication for citation
  • GRITS built-in databases are updated with GlyTouCan accession numbers for all the glycan structures and this information is also visible in MS Annotation tables.
  • A new plugin for Glycolipid annotations (GSL/DANGO)
  • Added Java 11 support

Improvements and Fixes

  • Optimization of annotation process and display
  • Support of additional parameters for MSConvert through GRITS and fix for issues related to truncation of the mzml/mzxml files
  • Additional column to show standards information (MIRAGE) for sample descriptors and experiment design parameters