GRITS Toolbox 1.1 SR1 available

The first service release for GRITS Toolbox 1.1 “Sunrise” is now online in the download section. This release mainly deals with problems that occur when loading mz(X)ML data from different types of instruments (ABI, Bruker, Shimadzu) to GRITS Toolbox. There have also been several improvements and bug fixes related to the GELATO annotation algorithm. The new version also allows the side by side comparison of MS profile data similar to the MS/MS data.

  • Many bug fixes related to mz(X)ML file produced from or by other type of instruments (ABI, Bruker, Shimadzu) which could not be loaded correctly otherwise
  • Improvement to the GELATO algorithm and bug fixes related to incorrect adduct calculation for TIM data.
  • Add feature to merge MS profile data
  • Solving problems related to MAC computers
  • Migration of Core and sample plugins to eclipse4, all other plugins are update to run compatible with e4.
  • Many other tickets have been worked on to fix bugs or add new features