Changes to the web presence of GRITS.

The new GRITS Toolbox developer webpage is online. The system is based on the project management / bug tracking / documentation system TRAC. The new webpage has multiple features that we can use: Project management that allows to plan and document milestones Bug tracking and ticket system that we can […]

New developer webpage

We decided to setup a new dedicated source code repository for GRITS. Similar tot he old system its a SVN system. The access to the system is restricted to our software developers and eventually collaboration partners creating their plugins. In the future we may decide to provide free (at least […]

New source code repository for GRITS

We bought the domain grits-toolbox.org and setup the first version of our new page. Yes, THIS webpage. The webpage is based on the widely used WordPress framework and allows easy creation of web content without programming knowledge. For the time being the webpage has only some general descriptions and the […]

GRITS-Toolbox.org started